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Our group was established in 1950 as a Venezuelan corporation. We are dedicated to the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of auditorium, concert halls, stadium/arena, cinema, and other public seating solutions.

We operate an 8.000 sqm plant located at 70 Km west of Caracas in the nearby industrial city of Cagua, Aragua State in Venezuela. 
Our production facility is divided into 9 specialized departments, allowing us to offer a highly technical service, from design to installation. Since our establishment we have been able to fully satisfy the increasing local and international demand while maintaining a leadership in quality, options and value.



1983 marked an important year for Venezuela's industrial development. One good example was the opening of the "Teresa Carreño" Cultural Complex and its magnificent "Rios Reyna" and "José Félix Ribas" Concert Halls.



"Duplex" seats were installed in both Halls, with great modernism, high technology and functionality. The seats were specially designed for the occasion and were the result of years of studies, design work and development of prototypes. Unique look, construction and acoustic characteristics were obtained according to very specific requirements set by the Architects of such an important project. We reached the consolidation of a highly specialized Venezuelan industry in open competition with foreign companies, while demonstrating our technological resources, always up to date.



1985 marked our introduction on the arena/sports facilities business, with the development of several exceptional industrial patents. These models were specifically designed for outdoor facilities, with high exposure to the environment. Such environments require the use of high resistance materials. Designs have contemporary styling, attention to ergonomics, simplicity and easy maintenance.



With the international launching of the unique sand casting aluminum seats we once more demonstrated our leadership in the design and manufacture of public seating.

Among others, we have developed our exclusive rocker mechanism, allowing simultaneous movement of seat and back. This mechanism is installed in modern and luxurious models, designed for high-end auditoriums, allowing great comfort.

Estadio Universitario de Caracas, UCV

With our "Tandem" product line, we were pioneers in the introduction of flip-up seat modules. Tandems are set in groups of several seats, designed for waiting rooms, multiple use halls and small auditorium. In 1995 we created a unique super-silent and secure mechanism for the flip-up system. It is the main component of another versatile "Duplex" seat, which can also be used in "Tandem" modules.

We are in constant research for new and up to date materials. We are also focused in developing advanced systems and accesories/optionals. Our goal is to continue the constant developing and designing of new models, while anticipating and satisfying market demand. Proof of that is the possibility of including integrally cast brand logotypes in the sand casting aluminum models


Always in first row...

Since our establishment, our corporate group has installed seats in a large number of public halls, offering a wide variety of solutions.

Thousands and thousands of "Duplex" and "Falinca" seats have been installed in the most prestigious Venezuelan auditoriums and stadiums, as well as in several important international locations. We strive to be the best at what we do. We only use the highest quality in raw materials and the most advanced technology. We constantly improve our product lines to be able to manufacture a superior product, while offering competitive pricing and professional customer service.

While interpreting the architectural designs and its needs, we provide our expertise of more than 50 years in every project. We have been advising, manufacturing, installing and guaranteeing "Duplex" and "Falinca" seats for auditorium, stadium and arena, open space areas and waiting rooms since 1950.

With constant dedication, motivation and uninterrupted production, we have fully satisfied the increasing demand of seats for auditorium, cinema, stadium and multiple use rooms. Our models have evolved from the very first and simple to the more sophisticated and luxurious required by the market.



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