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BP-L Arm Working Desk
BP-L Arm Working Desk This optional is ideal for conference rooms, classrooms, and all other auditoriums or halls requiring a small writing desk. View product detail
Rear Bag
Rear Bag Firmly sewed to back of upholstery, specially designed for classrooms or corporate auditorium. View product detail
Cup Holder
Cup Holder Resistant cup holder made of sand casting aluminum, specially designed for Cinema seats.  It can be adapted for some auditorium models on special projects. View product detail
"Love" Arm
Lifting arm specially designed for Cinema Seats. View product detail
Seat Rotation
Seat Rotation Only available for Aluminum seats with iron structure.  Designed to face "Home" on Baseball venues, for example. View product detail
Arm Rest for Chairs
Arm Rest for Chairs Specially designed to provide more comfort on Series P Chairs. View product detail
Institutional Logo
Institutional Logo Possibility to include Institutional Logo on back rest in one piece. View product detail
Covers for Aluminum seats
Covers for Aluminum seats Specially designed covers for aluminum seats to provide more comfort.  Must be used indoors.  Possibility to include embroided Institutional logo. View product detail
Arm desk for Chairs
Arm desk for Chairs Specially designed for Series P Chairs, on multiple use rooms where mobility of chairs is required.  Also for Press Conference rooms. View product detail
Book Holder for Chairs
Book Holder for Chairs

For use in classrooms or other halls.  May be combined with either arm rest or arm desks. 

View product detail


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