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Falinca is a company oriented towards excellence and to manufacturing highest quality products. We strive to do the best at what we do. We also focus our efforts in exceeding customer's demands, by offering an overall service, which differentiates us from our competitors. Among our services we can mention:

Overall restoration of old seats (upholstery changing, restoration of metal structures including painting, replacement of damaged parts, etc.).
Various optionals.
Complete technical advice and customization for each project.
Immediate technical service with spare parts and accessories.
Ample guarantee.
Prompt and on time delivery.
Customized designs to accommodate specific needs.
Product manufacturing according to specific floor characteristics and distribution of seats for each project.
The best manufacturing quality.
Ample variety of fabrics, colors and finishes.
Possibility to incorporate a cast logotype and/or sponsor name, forming an integral part of the front or the rear side of the seat back panel for the sand casting aluminum models.
Support of an experienced and specialized Venezuelan corporate group.


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